The Archiv der Jugendkulturen

The Archiv der Jugendkulturen is a memory of the scenes, from science fiction, gothic and graffiti to punk, riot grrrl and techno. Our archive a non-profit-organisation in Berlin that has been collecting documents and ephemera of youth-, pop-, and subcultural scenes since 1997. State institutions barely collect these histories of resistance which makes self-organized archives like ours unique. We are convinced that these scenes are an important part of cultural and social history and that their relics should be permanently preserved. Over the years we have become an important place for people from youth and subcultures as well as activists, researchers, academics, historians and political educators and the interest for our unique collection continues to grow.

Library & Collection

The library and archive of the Archiv der Jugendkulturen contains a unique collection of youth-, pop-, and subcultural materials such as magazines, fanzines, books, textiles, posters, audio files, videos, buttons, stickers, and much more. We collect treasures that no other public institution in Europe collects; whether it’s the estates of punks, documents from the squatter scene, posters from goth concerts, photos of ravers at the Loveparade, art from the graffiti scene or queer-feminist zines. Our archive is also in possession of special collections such as the former Kasseler Graffiti Archiv, the former Berliner Rock- und Poparchiv or the estate of Ralf Regitz, former CEO of the company „Planetcom“ (Loveparade, E-Werk).

It takes a free, self-organized archive to collect these subcultural treasures, tell their stories and preserve them for future generations.

Virtual Tour

Our library and archive stuff gives you an insight into the fanzine collection of theArchiv der Jugendkulturen e.V.. They show some of the oldest zines of the archive, a collection of three-dimensional fanzines, introduce you to the sci-fi, techno, hiphop, graffiti and queer/feminist collections and talk about the topics they are currently working on.

Take a look:

Educational Work & Research Projects

In addition to the archive and library work the Archiv der Jugendkulturen is active in the field of educational work. The goal is to highlight the diversity found in youth cultures in a substantiated manner and raise awareness for political issues. The archive also acts as carrier of original research projects, for instance on the digitization of fanzines.

Find an overview of our current projects here

Research in the Archiv der Jugendkulturen

Our library is a reference library, that means we do not lend books or materials. Our collection is however accessible on site. Materials in the archive are provided by our employees, books are freely accessible. We provide four work spaces with WIFI available in the library as well as a computer for research. Scanning and copying up to the size of A3 is possible in return for a fee. Before you visit we recommend researching in our OPAC http:/ as well as sending an additional inquiry to

Terms of Use & Fees

All users have to accept the terms of use for the Archiv der Jugendkulturen. Jackets, bags and food cannot be brought into the library. Water is allowed and there are lockers available at the entrance.

The following fees apply:

b/w:  0,10 € / A4 -- 0,20 € / A3
colour: 1,00 € / A4

0,10 € / page

Research service
10,00 € pro 30 minutes
(free up to ten minutes)

Opening Hours

The library can only be used by appointment. Please let us know in time by contacting us at
or 030/61203316

Thank you for your understanding.

Support Our Work

The library and collection of the Archiv der Jugendkulturen do not receive any structural funding.
We cannot cover our actual costs through project funding alone, which is why we need your support.


Starting a 2€ a month you can support us as a member and thus help us secure our work in the long run.

A regular membership is 48 €/year.
A reduced membership is 24 €/year.
Sponsoring members pay 180€/year.


We are happy to receive your donations here:


Are you a queer-feminist concertorganizer? Or a passionate football-fanzine collector? Pioneer of the techno scene? Our goal is to preserve the history of youth-, pop- and subculture for future generations. That is why we need your donations.

This includes posters, magazines, fanzines, textiles, objects, photographs, videos, and audio-files. We catalogue and store the materials as well as make them accessible for researchers, publicists and other individuals. We can also advise you on your personal donation and show you on site how to archive the materials.

Contact us

Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V.
10965 Berlin
Tel. 030/ 61203316

Subway: Platz der Luftbrücke
Facebook: @archivjugendkulturen
Instagram: @archiv_der_jugendkulturen
Twitter: @jugendkulturen

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